Cobra Kai creator teases when S6 will begin.

By Peter Veunnasack

Contains spoilers for Cobra Kai Seasons 2-5.

Late Monday night Jon Hurwitz quote tweeted Twitter user @bryanedwardhill and had this to say:

“Similarly, S6 of Cobra Kai begins roughly a year after our S2 finale. Time moves slowly in the Miyagiverse. #CobraKai #KarateKid”


Let me remind you some of the things that happened in the S2 finale “No Mercy”.

  • (Aug/Sep 2018) Daniel finds Robby and Sam at Johnny’s apartment and Daniel briefly squares off with his high school frenemy before being stopped by their respective offspring.
  • The teenagers return to school after a cruel summer and a karate war ensues in the halls of West Valley High School.
  • Sensei Kreese takes over Cobra Kai.
  • Johnny abandons his Dodge Challenger and throws away his phone as he’s getting a friend request from Ali Mills Schwarber over Kari Kimmel’s haunting rendition of Bananarama’s Cruel Summer.

That was all in the finale. Since then, Daniel has gone to Okinawa, setting up his relationship with Chozen, who ultimately comes to the United States to help his friend take down Silver’s Cobra Kai.

Jon mentions “time moves slowly in the Miyagiverse”. Limited to 10 episodes a season, the writers understand the plot points they need to cover in order to tell the narrative of their story. And because of that, some things have to move fast. Miguel’s recovery, many of the students’ advancements in karate skills just to name a couple. Devon Lee was introduced in S4 and by the finale of S5 she had already enrolled into 3 different karate dojos made it to black belt.

Could we see a bit of a time jump at the beginning of S6? Jon’s “roughly a year after our S2 finale.” would put us in the fall of 2019. Most of the teenagers are entering their senior year so could we skip pass the first days of school? What about Terry Silver being incarcerated and John Kreese escaping prison after assaulting law enforcement and a doctor? I’m confident these questions are being brought up in the writers room, which has been opened since early February.

“BIGGEST SEASON OF COBRA KAI YET”? Many in the fandom speculate that “biggest” means either a longer runtime on the season or possibly more episodes! The writers use their words carefully when crafting out a script. They can fill many gaps using dialogue without having to show us everything. So many questions with one final season to answer them.

Tell me if you’ve interpreted Jon Hurwitz’s tweet differently below.

Ralph Macchio recently mentioned at the ATL Comic Con that they could start filming in May. We learned from writer/producer Michael Jonathan Smith that in the previous season, they were able to start filming with two scripts ready as they were polishing the rest of the episodes.

Timeline from was used as a reference. Visit for a more extensive timeline.

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