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Welcome to our coverage of the Netflix Series Cobra Kai! We enjoyed the show so much that we decided to review each episode individually in-depth and scene-by-scene. Check out our episodes and let’s carry on the conversations in our Facebook group page “www period COBRA KAI period C O M slash Kompanion Podcast“! – Peter

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Updated 2/25/20


Episode Podcast Reviews

Season 2

2×01: “Mercy Part II”

2×02: “Back in Black”

2×03: “Fire and Ice” with special guest Susan Gallagher

2×04: “The Moment of Truth”

2×05: “All In”

2×06: “Take a Right”

2×07: “Lull”

2×08: “Glory of Love”

2×09: “Pulpo”

2×10: “No Mercy”

Season 1

1×01: “Ace Degenerate”

1×02: “Strike First”

1×03: “Esqueleto”

1×04: “Cobra Kai Never Dies”

1×05: “Counterbalance”

1×06: “Quiver”

1×07: “All Valley”

1×08: “Molting”

1×09: “Different but Same”

1×10: “Mercy”

Bonus Episodes

News and Updates No. 15 (2/24/20)

This or That (Cobra Kai Edition)

News and Updates No. 14 (2/6/20)

Cobra Kai-nia (Meeting Mary Mouser, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg)

5 Second Rule Game (w/ the Cobra Guys)

News and Updates No. 13 (10/25/19)

Studio Visit, Dragon Con, Kompanion Meet-Up, Oh My!

News and Updates No. 5 (12/27/18)

Fantasy Karate Team Draft (w/ the Cobra Guys)

SSG Miyagi and 442nd / Review of Only the Brave (2006)

News and Updates No. 4 (11/7/18)

Vas Shares a Story From the Set

News and Updates No. 3 (9/25/18)

Rose City Comic Con 2018 / Panel with Zabka, Macchio and Kove

News and Updates No. 2 (9/5/18)

News and Updates No. 1 (8/11/18)

Motor City Comic Con 2018 / Panel with William Zabka

The Karate Kid Retrospective on Podstalgic

The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

The Karate Kid Part III and Interview w/ Sensei William Christopher Ford / The Next Karate Kid