Cobra Kai Kompanion

Welcome to our coverage of YouTube Premium’s Exclusive Series Cobra Kai! We enjoyed the show so much that we decided to review each episode individually in-depth and scene-by-scene. We also interviewed 19 of the cast members from both the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai universe! Check out our episodes and let’s carry on the conversations in our Facebook group page “www period COBRA KAI period TvAMB Group“! – Peter and Tom

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Updated 12/30/18

Cast Member Podcast Interviews

Joe Seo, Hannah Kepple, Gianni DeCenzo, Annalisa Cochrane, Nichole Brown, Susan Gallagher, Martin Kove, Erin Bradley Dangar, Owen Morgan, Vas Sanchez, Vanessa Rubio, Rose Bianco, Bo Mitchell, Matt Lewis, Kylie DelreSean Kanan, Cara AnnMarie, Israel Juarbe, and Ron Thomas.

Episode Podcast Reviews

1×01: “Ace Degenerate”

1×02: “Strike First”

1×03: “Esqueleto”

1×04: “Cobra Kai Never Dies”

1×05: “Counterbalance”

1×06: “Quiver”

1×07: “All Valley”

1×08: “Molting”

1×09: “Different but Same”

1×10: “Mercy”

Bonus Episodes

News and Updates No. 5 (12/27/18)

Fantasy Karate Team Draft (w/ the Cobra Guys)

SSG Miyagi and 442nd / Review of Only the Brave (2006)

News and Updates No. 4 (11/7/8)

Vas Shares a Story From the Set

News and Updates No. 3 (9/25/18)

Rose City Comic Con 2018 / Panel with Zabka, Macchio and Kove

News and Updates No. 2 (9/5/18)

News and Updates No. 1 (8/11/18)

Motor City Comic Con 2018 / Panel with William Zabka

The Karate Kid Retrospective on Podstalgic

The Karate Kid (1984)

The Karate Kid Part II (1986)

The Karate Kid Part III and Interview w/ Sensei William Christopher Ford / The Next Karate Kid